by Life of Refusal

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New 7" EP
8 tracks recorded in March 2014


released June 8, 2014

Recorded and mixed at the LoR House.
Mastered by Brent Ventimiglia at Grindhouse Recordings in Hesperia, CA



all rights reserved


Life of Refusal Apple Valley, California


Southern California


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Track Name: Amaranth
You have questions burning holes throughout your skull. But you'll wait until it's accepted to address. It's grown easy to ignore just like the rest. You'll trade a pension for that conscience in your head. And you'll wait until it's too late to address. The life promised paid up front in regret. Flags waved high, a badge of empty pride. Too blessed for fucking problems. Pray, march, serve, die. Class war, and the proudest American lie.
Track Name: Inactivist
Politically empowered a few nights every four years. Ballots cast with filtered information and religious fears.
They fill our heads with conflict, we fill they're fucking pockets. And now I'm to decide who's next to put brothers to death, our world is self-destructing and our actions have come to a head. You hope for drastic changes with your hands out to be fed, but a rebirth of society is needed if we are going to be led.
Track Name: Failing Spell
We write the words but know which ones are true. What you lack in fact makes you the problem through and through. the acts you see, the people that you thought you knew. You'll recreate in a different color, different hue.
I am awake. My mind now sees in perfect focus. It's clear that finding clarity is something for the hopeless.
I'd close my eyes to the trail of shit left in your wake if words could only crush the weak and fix mistakes.
Risk the flame to hear the screaming wind. Wind. Put out the fire to feed your ego with the wind.
Hands around the throat, you'll drag this through the mud.
Every step, a thousand miles, but through their hoops you'll jump.Turn everything to shit, As you've always done.
This is beyond repair, to be rebuilt by none.
Track Name: Languish
All I hear and see are lies that spill from your fucking mouth. Tried to let it go but I feel the hatred start to weigh me down.
A head full of lies, a mouth full of shit.
Dead words, left inside
Start to rot and consume my life. Consume me whole.
Age. See with new eyes. Lying in wait, bleeding out time.
Track Name: Disease Collector
Spit a curse of rotting tides.
Not a choice, not your life, despite what's seen in others eyes. Hand of smite, bleed it dry, it's time to clip the wings of the right. Closed minded, closed in, disease collector. Not up for discussion, not up for debate.
Your views are built in the confines of a book that was penned in misdirected hate.
Your "loving" god hates all wounds that mend. Your god bent at the knees, I put religion to its fucking death.
No end in sight, no piece of mind after battles that shouldn't have been fought. Fear breeds hate in everything we're taught. There are wars to be waged, politics to be swayed in the name of what you call god. An empty vessel of dead weight full of everything I am not.
Dead gods, open eyes,
Severed ties to dead life.
The sky will not open for you
Christ will not come down here for you
Bleed the last bit of light for you
You will learn to survive when you find a cause for life when everything you love has fucking died.
Track Name: Entitled
No resource saved, no such thing as waste. We're to important to be the ones wasting. If it's not man, it doesn't have a voice.
We mass produce a species just to kill and rape their kin. A pocket full of money with a stomach full of shit.
We cut down trees for simple needs. To wipe our ass, to build our cities. We're the ones who have a fucking choice.
Every life, every death, every chance, every breath, every time I see your fucking face. My hatred brings me home, a place which I have never seen escape.
You're a disease, you're a threat, you're self-centered, you're a plague. You need to be put down.
Track Name: Ulterior
The hatred that you seek, as pure as you are deep, a falsified experiment to fit in with the people that you meet.
Cold fire.
Falling leaves.
Words of falsehood and their liars get plucked out like teeth.
Women's rights, womanize, relying on other's pity and your lies.
Things change, patience fades, there's a reason why the best of enemies are always old friends.
The fact that you're a hypocrite is a fact that you're forgetting. I can't find a reason not to cave your fucking head in.
Track Name: Wage Slave
At the end of every night and the start of everyday, I lay my head in disgust with a chest that's full of hate. And the words that you don't hear are they reasons that I stay, just going through movements to make sure the bills get paid. Everything inside me goes against all that you are but I bite my fucking tongue because you're my superior. I treat you with respect because we work at the same place but outside of these walls I'd spit right in your fucking face. Forever enslaved by a wage but it will never be the reason behind any of my actions or have anything to do with how I think.