Sidetracked​/​Life of Refusal Split

by Life of Refusal

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released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Life of Refusal Apple Valley, California


Southern California


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Track Name: Well Suited
Sick of all the bullshit, tired of the lies. Tired of the personas that don't reflect the lives.
And I know at the end of my days I'll regret the times I chose distain. But even knowing this I cannot pull my mind out from its home in the hate. Why fight these feelings everyday? When the bandwagon's wheels have finally broken and everyone jumps off... I'll still be here, stranded, because this is the only place that suits my hatred.
Track Name: PC Muscles
When a cause in need only receives overreacting, it's clear to see.
Flex your PC muscles, it's good to work out. But when you're always flexing, you're hard to be around. Seems to me, that you've used every excuse to convolute.
Overstayed your welcome.
Hit the fucking road.
Take you and your drama out the fucking door.
On the verge of a Republican reich and you're worried about my shirt. This earth is literally dying but you'd rather critique my every word.
It was never about being correct as long as you had your say. The only contributions to this scene you've made are what you take away.
Congratulations on nothing.
Track Name: Bitter
Reap the rewards of this place you visit. This place, which you have never called home.